Our Story

In 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lisa Bauer, like many Americans, found herself without a job. After working for Flexsteel Industries’ RV division for 23 years, her employer decided to eliminate the division. However, Lisa saw this as an opportunity to forge her own path and pick up where Flexsteel’s RV division left off.


With her experience and industry know-how, Lisa built Bauer RV Upholstery from the ground up, gathering a team of experienced employees and fulfilling the needs of Flexsteel RV seating customers across the country. 


Today, Bauer RV Upholstery is a thriving family business and the nation’s only upholstery shop specializing in the replacement and reupholstery of Flexsteel RV seating.


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Lisa Bauer, Owner

Mason Bauer, Operations & Marketing